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Truck refrigeration condenser

truck refrigeration condenser

Truck refrigeration condenser


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YehJeh provide robust and reliable truck refrigeration condenser which can use to roof type, front type or under-mount. Not only for truck, our products optimized for a wide variety of transport applications for bring passenger comfort and ensure system reliability. Offering reliable transport of refrigerated goods is critical to your business. And with our truck refrigeration condenser you can feel confident in the refrigeration system on your unit.

Transport refrigeration is one of the most challenging refrigeration applications, and therefore transport refrigeration systems are required to operate reliably in much harsher environments than stationary refrigeration equipment. Due to the wide range of operating conditions and constraints imposed by available space and weight, transport refrigeration equipment need superior response and control, corrosion resistance and high stability and reliability.

Transport refrigeration is essential in today’s society, to preserve and protect food, drugs and medical supplies for people worldwide. Our products used in transportation systems are suitable in every weather condition, from freezing cold on the open road or idle in the blazing sun. Our engineering expertise is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and achieve your goals within the budget.
Different from storage refrigeration system, transport refrigeration equipments operating under constant shocks and vibrations required high stability and reliability. There are many joints or connections in a condenser coil that can weaken over time and cause a refrigerant leak problem. We master the art of brazing process for u-band and inlet/outlet pipe, including solder volume, process time and thermal budget control. Excellent process management makes solder joints stronger and has better reliability to avoid leak. YehJeh provide robust and reliable truck refrigeration condenser with stainless steel components for higher performance, durability, and reliability.