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AC coil

ac coil

AC coil


Split-type air conditioner (indoor)

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AC coil of split type air conditioner is one of the most important products of YehJeh. We are dedicated to heat exchanger OEM service and have been working with Taiwan’s TOP2 air-conditioning manufacturer for more than 10 years. Taiwan is located in the subtropical region. The wet climate is a tough test for product quality. Rigorous process and quality management let YehJeh become a industry leader and gain the trust of customers.

YehJeh provide OEM service combined design integration. After receiving the customer’s product drawings, we will analyze specifications and material and feedback most professional and appropriate advice. Since the customer’s needs are quite diverse, the moulds of each factory cannot be readily available. Our R&D team can minimize adjustment to meet customer needs, provide complete design drawings and list all material specifications.

AC coil evaporator is one of the most important components in the HVAC system. Selection of materials and quality control of the process will greatly affect the product performance. The ac coils we manufactured are mostly direct expansion coils and are mainly used in air conditioner system as home appliances, We execute well brazing process control and 100% leak test to ensure refrigerant in the closed system does not leak out.

During the operation of the in-door unit of split-type air conditioner system, condensation water will be generated. To prevent water droplets from being blown into the room, hydrophobic aluminum fins are usually used as materials. The condensed water can effectively flow along the fins to the water tray. The flowing water can also carry the dust on the fins at the same time so that the fins can contact with indoor air more effectively. The dust-covered fins will reduce the surface area of ​​the fins and reduce the heat exchange efficiency.