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Refrigerator evaporator

refrigerator evaporator

Refrigerator evaporator


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YehJeh offer refrigerator evaporator OEM service for wine cooler applications. A wine cooler, also called a wine refrigerator, wine cellar, or wine chiller, is specifically designed to control the three major factors that affect your wine’s longevity and taste. These are temperature, humidity, and UV light. Because red and white wines are best stored at different temperatures, wine coolers come with two temperature zones to keep different types of wine at their optimal state.

We provide custom solution for precise temperature control. Wine coolers let you control the temperature of your wine and humidity levels where you store your wine. There are many varieties of wine coolers available, offering different designs and sizes for all kinds of wine collectors including countertop wine coolers, freestanding wine coolers and integrated wine coolers or called under counter wine coolers.

On the market, there are basically two types of wine coolers to choose from, compressor wine cooler and thermoelectric wine coolers. Compressor Wine Coolers has advantages including powerful cooling capacity and better temperature control.

Similar to a regular refrigerator, a compressor models wine cooler with refrigerator evaporator is an appliance designed specifically for the preservation of the wines, being fitted with dedicated shelves and boasting some features that will keep your wine in the best conditions. Compressor units function just like a mini fridge would.It needs refrigerants such as freon to generate cold air within the fridge. When the thermostat inside senses the temperature has risen above the set degree, the compressor kicks on and cools the entire unit back down.

Our R&D team provides design recommendations based on product requirements, selects the best materials, adjusts the most appropriate specifications, and provides the most competitive pricing through integrated design integration services.