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Cooling coil

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Cooling coil


Fan coil unit (FCU)

Concealed duct type FCU

Ceiling concealed fan coil unit

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Cooling coil as evaporator in air conditioners remove heat from a particular space and provide cooling that makes your living environment comfortable. Cooling coil facilitate heat absorption from indoor spaces. They’re usually made of copper — a material that provides easy heat transfer, resistant to corrosion and great machinability. Coils is equipped with additional aluminum fins or copper fins with increase the surface area for heat release.

Fan coil units are a type of air handling unit designed to supply conditioned air to a room or zone. The basic components that make up a fan coil unit are a finned-tube cooling coil or heating coil, fan section and filter. YehJeh can manufacture cooling coil for all types of FCU system including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, belt-drive and ducted type.

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a simple device consisting of a heating and/or cooling coil and fan. It is part of an HVAC system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Due to good simplicity and flexibility, fan coil units can be more economical to install. A major advantage of the fan-coil unit system is that the delivery system requires less building space— it requires a smaller or no central fan room and little duct space.

FCU is most commonly used as a supplement to a building for which other HVAC systems provide the majority of the air-conditioning and provided with a small supply of outside air to ensure adequate ventilation. It will generally have a chilled water coil for cooling and either a hot water coil for heating or an electric heating element. Chilled water is provided from a chiller located in the central plant, and hot water form a boiler.

Aluminum fin and copper tube are the most important material of hvac coil and have strongly affected product performance. YehJeh provides various fin material and different size/thickness of copper tube for choice. Copper fin are also an option allowing the product to have better strength and corrosion resistance.